Bryan was professional and very up to date on the nearby competition. This was so helpful in marketing and pricing our home. With Bryan’s help we knew what items that buyers were most interested in. He was quick to respond to our phone calls and clearly answered our questions. He went out of his way to help us when we planted flowers and shrubs for additional curb appeal by watering these plantings as we were not able to do this task. We will definitelyrecommend Bryan Cerny to other folks that are buying and/or selling a home.

John and Melody

TO: Potential Buyers/Sellers
RE: Bryan Cerny Rose & Womble Realtors

Dear All,

We have know Bryan Cerny for many years who has been a true asset for our family relocating to Hampton Roads eleven years ago Initially our experience with Bryan was looking at properties to build a new home along with my sister, Sheila and brother-in-law, Richard Johnson. They had lived in Hampton Roads for 25 years but were interested along with us to build new homes together. Bryan was a professional who researhed many land properties with his expertise and knowledge. We were shown many land developments and his knowledge and direction was simply inspirational.

My family decided to buy a home in the subdivision where my sister and brother-in-law lived. We lived in Bayberry woods in chesapeake, VA for the last eleven years and Bryan Cerny has always remained a close contact for his advice, knowledge and expertise to assist any future potential interest in home buying. My sister and brother-in-law have known Bryan for 20 years and he remains their primary contact as well.

A decision was made after eleven years living in Bayberry Wood to sell and move to a retirement community. Bryan placed our home on the market with thorough research and knowledge of pricing and arranged multiple open houses, always conducted in an outstanding manner. He sold our home but during this time he offered his expertise locating a retirement home with his consistent follow through and professionalism. Bryan is exceptionally skilled with the multiple processes and procedures when one is selling or buying a home. My sister and brother-in-law are placing their home for sale to move to this same retirement community. Bryan will be in charge with his ever encompassing ways to sell and assist them in buying for their retirement. He exercises any challenge with ease and a spiritual manner that is refreshing.

Bryan Cerny is a top notch professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and exercises a diligent work ethic to see every mission through. We are grateful. There is no real estate agent quite like him and we have owned seven homes. Rest with ease and assurance as he will walk your adventure beautifully and you will long remember him


Sharon and Tim K. and Sheila & Richard J.

Sheila and Tim

Dear Future Homeowners:

My husband and I recently purchased the starter home of our dreams, in the perfect neighborhood for our family, thanks to Bryan Cerny’s outstanding knowledge of the area and keen ability to listen to our needs and filter our top priorities from our not so top priorities.

I should start by saying we are a military family on a military time schedule, and had to work long distance through the whole process to ensure we had a home to move to once our orders were up. Bryan kept us informed via email throughout the entire process, ensuring that we were a part of every step through the home selection, and eventual buying process. He responded promptly and thoroughly to every question(and I had lots of questions!), and continued to encourage us to ask should we need any clarification at any time.

He made himself completely available to us during the few weekends we had available to do all of our house hunting. He was prompt with the house showings. He was thorough in his knowledge of the home, and not just the house itself bu the cost of repairs to anything we found or pointed out to him. He was always friendly, polite and eager to please. He made us feel like family.

I wouldn’t simply recommend Bryan’s services to friends and family. I would recommend him to any military families moving to the area…because as we found, it is stressful and scary to move to, and buy a house in , an area that you don’t know too well. Bryan made the process a lot less scary through his compassion for my husband’s duties and his gifted way of knowing how to match our wants and needs with a house.

We ended up getting a great deal on a great house in our number one neighborhood, and I am so grateful to him for his help.

Noel B. Beyond Satisfied Client

Travis and Noel

Dear Future Homeowners:

I’m writing this letter of recommendation for Rose and Womble agent Bryan Cerny. Recently my family purchased a home and Bryan played a major role in the process. We were able to get the location,interest rate, and type of home we really wanted thanks to his dedication and support.

Our family relocated from out of state and this made the home buying process a challenge. We didn’t know anything about schools, traffic patterns, or home values for the region. We started looking at some options on the internet, but we found some conflicting information. Bryan was able to step in and add great clarity to the picture. He lived outside of the South Hampton Roads area at one point. This really helped him und~rstand our transition and what may be new to us as home buyers in the area.

It is amazing how many small differences are important when buying a home in a new location. Homes don’t have basements where we were looking, so this made a big difference in the placement of the hot water heater and warm air systems. The difference between a concrete slab, and a home on an elevated crawl space, was another new factor. Bryan would make an effort to always point out why home designs where done a certain way and the benefits or drawbacks.

Life is very busy when you first relocate and Bryan was always very flexible with his schedule. You have the challenge of a new job, plus learning where all the essentials are located. When things came up, or if we had a last minute request, Bryan was very accommodating.

I hope you are lucky enough to work with Bryan to find the home of your dreams. We are so happy with our new house and love the area for our family. Coming home is always are treat because all the kids are playing together in the neighborhood.

Good Luck in your journey.
Adam Kahrl Resident of Chesapeake, VA

Adam and Kelli

To Whom In Concerns:

Letter of Referral

I recently purchased a new home in Chesapeake, Virginia using the services of Mr. Bryan Cerny of Rose & Womble Realty. As a military service member serving overseas transferring to the Tidewater area, I especially appreciate the outstanding service I received from Mr. Cerny in helping me find the perfect home for me and my family. He made it very easy, working with us online before coming stateside for our house hunting trip, helping us to narrow our search choices and build the best plan for our search. He is extremely knowledgeable, knows the area and the market well and was able to advise us on what would best meet our needs. He made sure his schedule fit mine for our short house hunting trip and even arranged the home inspection during the same time period for the home we selected.

Mr. Cerny was very conscientious in communicating issues and status prior to our actual move back to the states, and setting up the final walk through and closing. Through his diligence, we were able to close on our home on time with the condition of the home documented and covered as part of the closing process.

During our whole experience of purchasing our home, I felt Mr. Cerny had our best interests in mind and truly wanted our family to be happy with our new home. As a 28 year military service member, I have moved many times and purchased many homes. Mr. Cerny has made this the most positive home buying experience I have ever had. I am more than happy to recommend Mr. Cerny as a realtor to anyone moving to or from the Tidewater area.



Dear Bryan,

We are writing to thank you for the outstanding service you provided our family during our recent move.

* You treated us with courtesy and respect.
* You were always available when we needed you.
* You protected our interests at all times.
* You followed through with a rigorous marketing plan including a 360 virtual tour, multiple web postings, an agents’ tour, and plentiful signage.
* You defended our bottom line.
* You sold our home in four days at our full asking price.
* You helped us purchase the perfect home and neighborhood for our growing family at a great price.

We specifically commend you, Bryan, for the professional and conscientious way you worked with our loan officer, closing agents and other involved professionals. They were impressed with your devotion to the details of their businesses! Your diligent reminders, follow-up phone calls and trouble-shooting expertise kept everyone informed and on schedule. You put out fires before they even got started and kept everyone to the beat of our family’s desired timeline.

Bryan, you exceeded all our expectations, and went the extra mile every step of the way. But most of all, you’ve earned our trust. We highly recommend you to all friends and family.

Scott and Tearsa

Scott and Tearsa

To Whom It May Concern:

If you are looking for a good Realtor to represent you as a buyer or as seller, my wife and I would highly recommend Bryan Cerny. We found him attentive, helpful, reliable and professional!!!

We had our home on the market for some time. In less than 5 weeks after listing with him, we had a contract. We closed shortly thereafter!! So if you are looking to get things accomplished: Call 1-800-Bryan Cerny(757 580-6546).

Sal and Brenda

Sal and Brenda

To Whom It May Concern:

Selling our Chesapeke home through the efforts of Bryan Cerny has been a very positive experience. Bryan was totally professional throughout the entire process. He provided maximum exposure of our home through both online and written media. This was evidenced by the large number of qualified buyers who toured the home during the 3 1/2 months it took to sell. Bryan was very active in communicating with interested buyers to receive their feedback. He also provided survey results showing us what homes were selling, etc. throughout the process.

His resource list of local workmen led us to qualified contractors who could make the necessary repairs and adjustments prior to placing the home on the market. These contractors were available when we needed them and did good work for a fair price.

I would strongly recommend Bryan Cerny to anyone selling a home.


Roger and Sue

Dear Bryan,

We are writing to thank you for the outstanding service you provided our family during our recent move.

* You treated us with courtesy and respect.
* You were always available when we needed you.
* You protected our interests at all times.
* You followed through with a rigorous marketing plan including a 360 virtual tour, multiple web postings, an agents’ tour, and plentiful signage.
* You defended our bottom line.
We specifically commend you, Bryan, for the professional and conscientious way you worked with our loan officer, closing agents and other involved professionals. They were impressed with your devotion to the details of their businesses! Your diligent reminders, follow-up phone calls and trouble-shooting expertise kept everyone informed and on schedule. You put out fires before they even got started and kept everyone to the beat of our family’s desired timeline.

Rick and Maureen

To Any Interested Party,

I am exceedingly proud to state I received outstanding service from Bryan Cerny. To my amazement, the housing market had drastically changed since m previous house sale in 1999. Bryan’s knowledge of the market and his articulate explanations helped me form solid strategies for both selling my house and seeking smaller accommodations. His research on house prices around the area and recommended list price were on the mark, because I received my first offers in a few days after the house was listed.

His guidance during the contract process was excellent. His suggestions were very helpful and made the initial state of drawing up a contrct easy. During the process to close the house sale, Bryan was always available t help. There were several time he went to my home to let people in when I was busy at work. He always stayed on top of things for my behalf and he made sure I was prepared for any house closing business.

There are so many wonderful things I can say about the service Bryan provided me, but what are more important to me were his gracious manners, sunny disposition, honest assessments, and sincere concern for my best interests. These traits of his made my difficult transition from house to a condominium easy to cope with. I would strongly recommend Bryan Cerny to anyone who needs real estate services.



Dear Ms. Rose,

The purpose of this letter to to convey our appreciation for Bryan Cerny, the listing agent for our sold home at 1108 Friesian Court, Chesapeake.

Our family called on Bryan to sell our home in late May 2008 after experiencing some major difficulties with the first two listing agents from other companies. During the whole proces with Bryan as listing agent we always felt assured that he was making all the right decisions in our best interests. Even when it appeared that there were no buyers for our home in the first two months, we could peacefully go about our daily business knowing that Bryan was at the helm and that every opportunity for a sale received due diligence and care from him.

Bryan is very communicative, a man of integrity, and a pleasure to be around. Additionally, he provided an exceptional marketing campaign on our behalf, never lost sight of our goals, and always persevered despite all circumstances regarding the current housing market. This is the third home that we have sold in the past 5 years and it is clear to us that Bryan is in a league of his own in real estate.

We were fortunate that Bryan partnered with our family to sell our home; this enabled our family to reunite and relocate together to San Diego at the start of the school year. Thank you and we are glad that your company is represented by such a fine gentleman.

Pete, Hannah and Christy Merrill

Pete and Hannah


This letter is to commend your agent, Bryan Cerny, for his services during the purchase of our new home in Chesapeake.

We recently relocated from Baltimore, Maryland to Chesapeake, Virginia. We talked to several real estate agents outside Rose & Womble before deciding to use Bryan Cerny. Bryan was the only agent to listen to our requirements for new construction and lot size. He quickly provided listings, community facts and school locations to satisfy our needs.

In addition, Bryan provided needed assistance during the selling process of our home in Maryland. The prospective buyer of our house was having difficulty procuring a loan and subsequently delaying closing. Bryan was proactive in contacting our agent and the buyer’s agent to ensure that the sale would go through. Bryan provided solutions and insight that kept everything moving forward. We are convince if Bryan had not offered his assistnace we whoudl have risked loosing our new home in Chesapeake.

We will definitely recommend Bryan to acquaintances that are looking to relocate to the Norfolk area. Thanks you for your services.



We had to sell our house in the Spring of this year and we kept seeing this name “Bryan Cerny” around our neighorhood(Stonegate). The signs would have on them “Sold” in one or two days. We knew the houses sold quickly inour neighborhood but it seemed his name was on the ones that sold the quickest. So we called him. He came to the house and talked to us, told us what to expect, the good with the bad, what to fix, what not to fix, etc. He even had plumbers and handy man’s names who he recommended for the fix ups. We tried to sell a house before and never did a sales person work with us like Bryan. he even carried boxes for us from upstairs to downstairs. And he also told us to call if we needed any other packing/moving help.

Within 2 weeks we had 1 contract on the house and Bryan kept pushing the house still. Within 3 days of the first contract, we had two more and the last was the best contract. Bryan made sure we had no problems with the type of contract we received and the best possible price and conditions. This made the sale so much easier.

We were very happy with everything that Bryan did for us to make this sale. He was very dedicated to the whole process, beginning to end. What was especially great was, he would always call us back quickly. Being a seller, stress is a big factor and Bryan keeping in touch with us and keeping us informed at all times helped keep the stress low. If we ever come back to Chespaeake, we will be sure to call Bryan again. Thank you.

Patrick and Virginia

Patrick and Virginia

Dear Bryan,

The expectation are that selling a home is a stressful endeavor. In addition, there are many variables involved that must be properly managed to meet both financial and schedule goals. With your help, we were able to minimize the stress, while meeting our financial and schedule targets. These are no small statements. In the current(slow) market, we set an aggressive goal of selling our house and moving out-of-state in 7 weeks. Your planning and marketing ability made our plan a reality. Our house went on the market January 8th and closing was March 1st. The two best results of meeting our goal: 1) Our family did not spend significant time apart during the move out of state and 2) we did not compromise on our selling price.

We can’t tell you enough how much your planning, effort, marketing skills and communication abilities meant to . Our decision to enlist your help in selling our house is one that we would make again. We wholeheartedly recommend your skills and services to anyone in the market for a professional, hard-working and results-oriented real estate agent.

Thank you for al you’ve done for us and thank you for the house-warming gift we found as we arrive to our new house in Pennsylvania.

Mike and Cynthia

Mike and Cindy

Ms. Rose, I am writing to commend the services my husband Michael and I received from Bryan Cerny, GRI, ABR. We were in the ‘thinking stages” of selling our home and upgrading to a brick home in March 2004. I saw Bryan’s information on the Rose& Womble internet site and decided to give him a call on a Monday. Bryan asked me a few questions as to what we were looking for and that weekend he spent all of Saturday just showing us what homes were available even though we were not definite at this point. After spending Saturday with Bryan, we knew we wanted to find a new home.

With his help, we found a lovely home and during the next several months, Bryan promptly provided information when we requested it regarding the home we were selling or the home we were buying. His prompt attention to questions and issues we had made us feel we had chosen a Realter that actually listened to us and we had no reservation in his abilities to meet our needs.

His vast experience and professionalism was fully apparent during the presentation of offers the first day of showing. Not only does Bryan treat his clients with respect, but he treats other Realtors with respect. Bryan worked with us for 9 months and was always kind, honest and fair. We felt like we had sold our home with the help of a friend and he made sure we moved into our new home without difficulty.

We would use Bryan’s expertise again without hesitation and certainly recommend him to friends and acquaintances looking to buy or sell a home.


Mike and Carol


I want to thank yo for the fine work you did on selling my house, You definitely got me the top dollar!! You left me knowing clearly all my possibilities and worked hard ever day until it was sold. Additionally, even while I had already moved, you went the extra mile and too your own personal time to repair things and to get the gas line installed to increase the value of my home.

You more than earned that miniscule commission I paid you and am going to recommend you to all my friends. Thanks a million! (or at least $315,000). When I see you again, which will be in May 2005, I’ve got a little Christmas bonus to give you!



To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is long overdue. Kyle and I were referred to Bryan through a friend who unfortunately did not get the opportunity to use Bryan Cerny when looking for his home. However, our friend insisted that we contact Bryan Cerny and employee his services as a realtor. We had 60 days to find a home when we were transferred to the Hampton Roads area from Maryland.

Bryan was dedicated and diligent in looking for the perfect home for us. Bryan worked hard daily to provide us with numerous homes to preview before going out to see them. This made the process so much easier because I could only physically view homes on the weekend. This allowed us to narrow down our likes and dislikes before actually going out to see the homes.

It was a long summer, but Bryan always greeted us enthusiastically and he was always well prepared. Half way through the summer, my husband put a bid on a home that did not agree with my taste. Bryan was patient and informed Kyle and I of our options. Fortunately, it worked in our favor and we ended up not being obligated to purchase the home. Bryan hung in there with us and kept looking for our dream home with the enthusiasm as if it was the first day we met.

As the summer months were winding down, he always kept focused and encouraged us to be patient. Our home was out there somewhere. At the end of July, after looking at another batch of homes and scheduled to look at more the next day, we found OUR home. Bryan immediately contacted the bank to get the status of the home. Good news was just around the corner. Approximately 13 hours later, Bryan eagerly met us with a contract in hand for us to sign. We happily put a bid in on our new home.

With a few road blocks during the process, Bryan was always supportive and kept a positive attitude. We closed on our home in August 2009. I still beam as I walk through the doors everyday of our home and I have no one to thank but Bryan Cerny. No sooner had we closed on our home, Bryan went into full-throttle and helped my husband close on another home for us as an investment property.

As we have settled in, Bryan has kept in contact ensuring we are not having any problems. Bryan also came through when we needed last minute tickets to the annual Hampton Roads Home-a-Roma. Bryan continues to send emails, letters, cards, and information about the neighborhood. We have no doubt in our mind, that HE IS THE BEST REALTOR in Hampton Roads and we have gladly passed his name on to friends.

Kyle and Lavita Francis
Chesapeake, VA

Kyle and Lavita


Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your help with the house. We are so excited about it.

I wanted to get this(a wonderful box of Ghirardellichocolates) to you before the closing but I am running behind so please accept my apology that this is late.

We love Ghirardelli and it is one of our favorite places to go here in Monterey. We celebrate all of our fun events as a family there and wanted to include you in on celebrating our new home(in Chesapeake).

We look forward to meeting you in person. See you soon and take care.

Kurt & Jennifer

Kurt and Jennifer

As an absenteed property owner, it was instrumental to me when I decided to sell, to find someone in the Tidewater area who I could rely on to handle all my needs and “stamp out the fires.” Bryan Cerny did a remarkable job. When things required attention, I could count on him to see that they were handled immediately and professionally. In a Real Estate transaction with some unique situations, Bryan responded quickly to all problems and requests. The process went smoothly and the sell ended very successfully. When I need Tidewater real estate services in the future, I will call on Bryan and I would highly recommend Bryan for your Real Estate Needs.

Joe Berney
Office of Policy and Professional Standards
Radford University

Joe Berney

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Bryan Cerny. We knew we were moving out of state and selling our home was very important to us. Before we met Bryan we already knew of his reputation and had received many mailings over the last four years. The moment he came into our house he was prepared with current information of houses sold in the area and his plan to sell our house. He was professional, knowledgeable and positive. We signed a contract that night and put our house up for sale a week later; it sold in seven weeks.

Bryan told us what needed to be done to the house for positive showings and he kept us informed after every showing. He was very clear on the improvements, in our case, it was redoing the upstairs bathroom. It was somethng that needed to get done and we think it made all the difference. Communication was key and Bryan never failed to let us know what was going on. We needed to know about the time of every showing so we could take care of our two dogs and we got the information before the clients showed up every time. We had about fifty showings.

After the house was sold, closing wasn’t for three and half months. Part of that time we moved out of state. Bryan continue to help us with minor things that would come up and bring us up to date about the closing. Bryan was there every step of the way with selling our house. We highly recommend Bryan Cerny because of his dedication, enthusiasm and success in selling houses.

Susan and Dave

Dave and Susan

Re: Commendation of Bryan Cerny, listing agent for our sold home at 504 Bamboo Lane, Virginia Beach

I write this letter to let you know of our pleasure of having Bryan Cerny as our Realtor.

My husband and I enlisted the help of Bryan after being disappointed with the services of another agent(from a different real estate agency). We were directed to Bryan through Cindy Godsell, who is the listing agent at Sommerton for Stephen Alexander Homes, my husband’s employer. Because of our disappointing experience with our first listing agent, we were unwilling to immediately jump into a listing with the very next Realtor that we met with. However, after our first meeting with Bryan, we both felt very confident with him and signed a listing agreement almost right away.

Bryan delivered on all of the promises he made us. He kept us informed every step of the way. When we were uncertain of something(such as lowering our asking price or questions about closing assistance), Bryan would give us his opinion on different scenarios while never pushing us or making us feel pressured. Bryan was prompt in returning calls and providing us with feedback from other agents. Just as important, Bryan is kind, honest, pleasant and upbeat. He has proven himself to be professional, intelligent, efficient and a hard working real estate agent with whom we would definitely deal with again. And in fact, we are still working with him to find our next home. We are not in a rush and he understands this and is willing to continue to make sure we are emailed information on homes that may interest us.

We would be happy to have Bryan represent us in our future real estate matters and look forward to working with him and recommending him to friends and relatives.


Jim and Kim

Dear Bryan,

We wanted to thank you again for the prfesional manner in which you supported us throughout our home buying experience. From the first time we met at the open house to your willingness to provide us marathon home showings due to our tight schedule you exceed our expectations. The promptness of your response and the thoroughness of your explanations always put us at ease. No question went unanswered, no concern went unaddressed as you made the whole process flow smoothly. We were always amazed at your ability to anticipate our needs and the calm demeanor you consistently displayed. It was a pleasure tho have your represent us as we searched and found this wonderful home.

Eric and Angela

Eric and Angela

Dear Ms Rose,

We are happily writing this letter to you to show our appreciation for the outstanding work provided by Rose & Womble, specifically through Bryan Cerny.

With Bryan’s very professional and courteous help, we were able to procure the home of our dreams. We wish to commend Bryan for his great help and dedication through what was one of the most difficult times for my wife and myself.

Bryan was attentive and concerned. He returned all of our calls and went above and beyond the call of duty to assist us in our long distance home purchase. We would never had succeeded without Bryan.

We will be recommending Bryan, with Rose and Womble Realty, to anyone whom we know would need your services in the future. We, of course, will use Bryan’s services in the future as well, if they are so needed.

Again we wish to thank Rose & Womble, and commend Bryan for a job well done.

Doug and Karen

Doug and Karen

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that we submit this letter of recommendation for the services provided by Bryan Cerny. We worked with him to purchase our new home while Dan was in Korea and Janis was actively looking a a home for our relocation. At the time Janis was living in California. With one visit to Virginia for a few days and looking at homes with Bryan, he knew just what we were looking for. Once Janis returned to California without having found a house that we really wanted, Bryan continued to review homes as they came on the market. In a hot seller’s market, he promptly kept in touch with us via email and telephone, sending listings that met our needs. Once Janis found a home that she felt had potential, Bryan went to the property and took an assortment of pictures to send to us. Bryan located the “house of our dreams” by being very attentive to our needs and tastes. He then worked efficiently and effectively to complete the purchase transaction.

In addition, Bryan went beyond his responsibilities. He helped us locate contractors for many and varied remodeling tasks. Where there were problems, Bryan dealt with the contractors to our satisfaction. He has continued to maintain contact with us, in order to ensure that we are perfectly happy with our home.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Bryan. He was professional and proficient at all times. Bryan’s negotiation skills were commendable. We felt that he was extremely attentive to every aspect of the purchase of our home. Bryan was a pleasure to work with and we would call him again if we were considering any further transactions.

Dan and Janis

Dan and Janis

Bryan Your kindness has made all the difference. Thank you very very much!!!

You stuck with us since the very beginning. Lord knows we certainly took advantage of your expertise and your time. You were always so accessible and pleasant. Sorry we drove you NUTS!…to say the least. You were wonderful and we appreciate it.

You made it happen for us!!!

Signed New Homeowners,
Michele and Craig

Craig and Michele

To Whom It May Concern:

Bryan Cerny served as our Real Estate Agent in 2006 when my husband and I were searching for our first home. As first-time home buyers, finding the “perfect” home within our price range was extremely important to us. As challenging as that may sound, Bryan addressed our concerns with ease and an upbeat and positive attitude. He went with us on countless Saturdays’ spending all day driving throughout town showing us home after home, until we found the perfect one. Once our offer was accepted, Bryan was right there with us at closing to see us seal the deal. He was there to give us hugs of congratulations when we were handed the keys. He even came over to our house before Christmas and delivered a gift basket to help us celebrate. It has been a year since we have been in our home, and we couldn’t be happier. We feel very grateful we had a knowledgable professional like Bryan to guide us through such an important decision.

In conclusion, I was extremely impressed with Bryan’s service and will call upon him again when the time comes to sell our home and buy a new one. Additionally, I have personally recommended Bryan to numerous friends and family members, and everyone has been more than satisfied with the results of his dedication and professionalism. I strongly recommend Bryan Cerny as Realtor.


Craig and Katie

Dear Bryan,

It seems that our business is complete, and we have accomplished a great deal. The combination of our efforts and the blessings of God have been exciting to see.

You did particularly well in every aspect of yoru work. The timely response to every occurence and your willingness to extend yourself in even the smallest details is admirable.

We thank you for treating us so well and wish to extend to your our gratitude and appreciation. In the future should we need another representative we will certainly call on you. We are more thankful than we can say in words.


Chris and Socorro

To: Rose & Womble Realty

RE: Mr. Bryan Cerny

This letter is in reference to Bryan Cerny, who was our Realtor for the sale of our home. At the onset of this business transacton, Bryan was not only professional; he was knowledgeable, fresh, vibrant and friendly. He always responded to our phone calls as well as text messages immediately. Bryan is an early bird. He was always early to all appointments and eager to begin business. In addition, Bryan’s preparedness was impeccable. Our home sold in 8 days. Bryan was full of ideas. Positive and trustworth are the best adjectives I can think of to describe Mr. Cerny.

Carlos and Stacey

Carlos and Stacey


Thank yo so much for helping us find the right home for our family!!

You were very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Thank you for the house warming gift!

Brian and Lisa

Brian and Lisa

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in regards to the experience that my husband and I had with Rose & Womble Realty in general, but with Bryan Cerny specifically. I feel the need to share this with whomever I can.

In the summer of 2003, we decided to purchase a home with another agency through the advice of others. The realtor was given specific guidelines and a time frame in which to work. We were not impressed with the results. My husband called the Chesapeake office of Rose & Womble and were were able to put a contract on a home(in a fast paced market) within two days.

Fast forward six years. Being in the military, my husband received his orders notifying us that we would be leaving the Hampont Roads area. We, of course, knew that we would go with Rose & Womble. When we called the Chesapeake office to contact the Realtor with whom we had previously worked, we were told of her retirement. I have to tell you that we were so lucky that the person answering the phone that day was Bryan Cerny.

Bryan came to our home for the initial meeting within days of of the phone call. He was so prepared. He had information not only on sales in our heighborhood, but the local area and the city as well. He broke things down in layman’s terms so that we could understand and had graphs and statistics, some of which we did not like to hear(foreclosures in the area). I think that is one of the things that we most appreciated in Bryan…honesty and being straightforward even if it was something that we didn’t want to hear. He helped us to not only competitively price our house, but gave us options on incentives to offer as well. He marketed our house on multiple websites as well as shoing it of beautifully in a virtual tour. Bryan set up an open house with the possibility of severall of these events. I think that this was not necessary due to his hard work…we had a contract on our home in 24 days.

Although Bryan impressed us with the quickness in which he was able to secure a contract, it was his diligence after the contract was signed that we appreciate most. Brad and I were scared that everything was moving too smoothly and that something would happen to affect the sale, and of course it did. The buyer’s financing fell through the day before the closing!! Thought the work of Bryan and the buyer’s real estate agent we were able to come up with a rental agreement that would allow them into the house during the three weeks that it would take to secure other financing. Bryan always kept us informed and up-to-date on all that was going on during the process. I think that it was due in large part to him and his efforts that we were able to close three weeks later.

I cannot say enough to recommend Bryan Cerny as the realtor for your next home. I initially thought that he was feeding us a line when he told us that he was all about service to the customer. I now realize that is not the case. Bryan was always available to us for questions or information that we needed. I know without a doubt that if we are lucky enough to be stationed in Hampton Roads agai, we will be seeing Bryan Cerny when it come time to purchase a home.

Very Sincerely,

Brad and Tracy

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to commend and to recommend, in the strongest possible terms, the professional services of Mr. Bryan Cerny, ABR, GRI…

As a retired senior Naval officer, my wife and I had accumulated a number of rental properties across the country in our 26 year career with the Navy. One of these properties was located in the Stratford Chase subdivision in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Although my family had lived in the home for eleven years, it had been rented to tenants for approximately the last fifteen years. As a result of some difficulties with the last tenants, and in support of our growing desire to consolidate our assets to our present state (Tennessee), we decided that the time had come to sell the Virginia Beach property.

In our opinion, the ongoing assistance of Mr. Bryan Cerny was the single most significant factor in the successful sale of this property.

Our close personal contact with Mr. Cerny stretched over the course of approximately thirteen months, and included his assistance and counsel in dealing with a very difficult tenant/landlord situation that required two separate court actions for us to regain control of the property from the “tenants from hell”.

In all of his communications and other dealings with us, Mr. Cerny was consistently forthright, honest, and fair, always acting as the true professional that he is. For example, his early estimates of the price (which was beyond our wildest expectations) that the property should bring, if it were in excellent condition, turned out to be right on the mark. The house sold for exactly the amount of his initial guesstimate.

Because of the difficulties involved in getting the tenants to vacate the property (they had been in the property for eight years, but had been month-to-month for the last seven years, and were enjoying rent far below fair market), we had to take them to court. Before we could have our case heard, the tenants counter-sued and we ended up having to defend ourselves first before we could complete our action against them. Fortunately, in all court proceedings the judges found entirely in our favor on every issue; however, these court proceedings did stretch over a six-month period (from August 2003 through January 2004). Why am I telling you this? Because you should know that Bryan Cerny stood at our side during this long legal ordeal and was never wavering in his support, advice, and counsel (including devoting full days to standing by with us at the Virginia Beach Court House). Throughout, he was our man in Virginia Beach, and we never once felt any concerns that he was acting in any manner other than as our loyal and dedicated agent.

Bryan was also indispensable when it came time to renovate the property to make it more marketable. He understood and appreciated our desires to have the property fully restored-whether we were ever able to sell it or not-and helped us to get the work done to the highest possible standards. His knowledge of the market for this type and price of house in its particular area ($300,000 range/Kempsville), helped us to tailor the renovations to meet likely customer needs and desires. As a direct consequence of his conscientious attention to every detail, the house sold within 10 days of its initial listing. We closed the sale of this property on June 25, 2004.

Without the help of Bryan Cerny, I am convinced that we would still be struggling with a very costly and stressful situation. Granted, Bryan is in the real estate business, but it must be said that he is very good at doing his business!

My wife Priscilla and I have come to appreciate Bryan both as a dedicated professional and as a personal friend. We recommend him, without reservation. With Bryan Cerny working for you, you will not be disappointed.

Should you wish to discuss the contents of this letter with me directly, I can be contacted at 901-837-3927 (Saturdays and Sundays), 615-532-8887 (Monday thru Friday “8-5”), or 615-228-0754 (Monday thru Friday after 6:00 p.m.).

Sincerely, and with the hope that you will have the same success that we have had,

David W. Hall, Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Dave and Priscilla


Thank you so much for your help in our purchase of our new home. You were so understanding of our situation in moving from New Jersey and were so helpful and responsive.

Thanks for helping with William so that we could take time to look at each home closely. Your knowledge of the market got us a home that has and will appreciate more before we move into it!

Our family loved meeting you!!! We will always be happy to refer you to anyone needing real estate assistance.

Doug and Karen

Doug & Karen

Dear Bryan,

We would like to sincerely thank you for the exceptional real estate service you recently provided us. Because we were first time home buyers it was very important to us that we felt completely comfortable with our Realtor, and the transaction we would eventually make. Throughout the entire process with you, we knew we could trust you, not only because of your vast knowledge and experience, but also because of your outstanding character.

* You made us feel comfortable, treated us with respect and kept our best interest at heart.
* You were available whenever we needed you, at the drop of a hat, to answer any questions we had.
* You asked us what was important to us, and kept that in mind throughout the entire process.
* You took us on as many showings as we wanted and you matched our criteria to a “T”.
* You prepared us for what we whould expect during the negotiation process and there were no unexpected surprises.
* Your unending help provided us the ability to purchase our very first home and it’s perfect for us.
We hope all homebuyers, first time or not, are priviledged enough to have a Real Estate Agent with as much experience, passion and perseverance as you Bryan. You were able to do so much for us as homebuyers and we certainly believe that when we become sellers, your expertise and spirit will shine again.

You are certainly ahead of your game.

Ben and Sonya

Ben and Sonya